My artwork designs begin with freehand pencil/pen sketching and then I take the initial draft sketch ideas onto my lightbox. I then use pen, ink and a splash of watercolours to create the final version. I'm completely self taught and it's taken many happy hours of practice to find my favourite medium and style.



Shelter in my love 

More recently I have also really enjoyed sketching, colouring and editing on my iPad. It is so handy for when I am travelling and for capturing an idea on the go. 

But nothing really comes close to getting 'in the flow' with ink and paints when I can. And, sometimes the little mistakes and smudges you make when you are working freehand, without being able to just hit an erase button, turn out to be what people enjoy the most.   

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted" - John Lennon 



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