About Katie

About Katie


Welcome to RudgeArt - illustration by Katie Rudge. 

I've been doodling for as long as I can remember - and my collection of scribbles began alongside my passion and studies for music and theatre.

I completed a PGdip and International Artists Diploma in Vocal and Opera Studies in 2011 from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester - and since then, my path has been filled with rehearsals and performances, as I've become a professional classical singer (www.kathrynrudge.com) I've been lucky enough to travel a lot and perform on operatic stages, in concert halls, and to make recordings - and I also love teaching singing and meeting the next generation of exciting musicians!  

Alongside this, I've always enjoyed exploring the world of illustration and painting - with pen, ink and watercolours being my favourite mediums 

I love drawing and painting - and I have a passion for storytelling and find so much joy in weaving narratives through music, words and art. The illustrations are based on quirky characters, animal friends, vibrant hues of expressions and nature, with intricate patterns.  My hope is that you might find splashes of fun and heaps of joy for the journey - and keep on counting the love hearts as we go.  Every person I meet and every place I visit keeps enriching ideas for my illustrations.
If you would like to be in touch please e-mail: rudgeart@gmail.com  


The story of the special people who inspired it all, and why their love and story is at the heart... 
The illustrations are also a tribute to my Mum and Dad, who always kindled a creative spirit - regardless of the challenges we faced.  
My Dad, George Rudge, faced the challenge of being diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a type of blood cancer) at 50. After undergoing continuous chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he passed away at 58 in November 2014. A few years later, my Mum, Sue, fought lung cancer and passed away at 63 in 2019.
We shared an incredibly close bond and following diagnosis we spent lots of time in hospitals while they received amazing care and treatment from the amazing NHS  - and I had the privilege of being by their side and caring for them each step of the way.
Amidst a rollercoaster of emotions, good days and bad days, we discovered a newfound creativity that I am certain helped us all to cope. As we navigated uncertain hospital hours and rounds of treatments - I would sketch characters and scenes, and kept sharing and leaving doodles with them - and they would often come up with great stories and new ideas to keep me going with the scribbling! 
Creativity became our shared solace, and our imagination often took us away to  happier places. Rather than dwelling on limitations, we focused on our shared joys and I really felt and witnessed that creativity and Art can ease anxiety.  Finding ways to engage with creativity - and even enjoy making something new can be healing for body, mind and soul.
Music and art definitely carries me through grief, love and helped me to focus on and celebrate all that our precious lives have to offer. 
They were more than parents; beyond words - my heroes and best friends - and their unconditional love and guidance remains with me in all that I do.
They inspire me every day, to keep singing and creating.
It is always very heartwarming to know that others might find joy in what we created and I love continuing to share the journey they nurtured and that we were able to create together.
Never Give Up <3 
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