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I'm Katie Rudge, a Liverpool artist.
 I've been DOOdling for as long as I can remember - and my collection of artworks began alongside my passion and studies for music and theatre. 
I completed a PGdip and International Artists Diploma in Vocal and Opera Studies in 2011 from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester - and since then, my path has been filled with rehearsals and performances, as I've become a classical singer within the world of music (www.kathrynrudge.com) 
I've been lucky enough to travel lots and perform on operatic stages, in concert halls, and to make recordings, and I also love teaching and meeting the next generation of exciting musicians! And I've enjoyed exploring the world of illustration and working on doodles all the way along - With pen, ink and watercolours being my favourite mediums. 
I have a passion for storytelling, I find joy in weaving narratives through music, words and art. Every person I meet and every place I visit adds a new ideas and inspiration and keeps enriching my ever-growing collection of scribbles and illustrations.
Dame Doodah Shop 

Over time, my illustrations caught the eye of friends, who often asked about their availability to take home or to give as gifts - and that's how this website was born, in 2011.
Since then, illustrations have been made into prints, postcards, and greeting cards; many are available on this site.  I've also had the pleasure of creating original designs and bringing custom works to life. 
My design and illustration 'creative process' is a labour of love - often with our beloved black cat, Jimmy right by my side. Each character or scene I sketch has a name of its own. One of my earliest characters; 'Dame Doodah,' originally set the stage for a whole story - and so she became the name and face of the whole collection!  
The heart and soul of the Dame Doodah collection revolves around offbeat characters, quirky animal friends, vibrant hues of expressions and nature, with intricate patterns.   My hope is that you might find splashes of fun, a feeling of belonging, and heaps of joy for the journey - and keep counting the love hearts. 
If you would like to be in touch please e-mail: damedoodah@gmail.com or via the contact form

The story of the special people who inspired it all, and why their love and story will always be at the heart of everything I do...
The illustrations are a heartfelt tribute to my Mum and Dad, who always kindled a creative spirit - regardless of the challenges. 
My Dad, George Rudge, faced the challenge of being diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a type of blood cancer) at 50. After undergoing continuous chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he passed away at 58 in November 2014. A few years later, my Mum, Sue, fought lung cancer and passed away at 63 in 2019. We shared an incredibly close bond, and and from the age of 19, I spent countless hours with them in hospitals and caring for them. Throughout that time, we came closer together against unrelenting rounds of chemotherapy and hospital stays. Amidst the rollercoaster of emotions, we discovered a newfound creativity that helped us cope. As we navigated uncertain hospital hours, I would sketch characters and scenes, sharing these doodles with them in the hope of easing the anxiety.   Creativity became our shared solace, and our imagination often took us away to a happier place. Rather than dwelling on limitations, we focused on our shared joys.
They were both truly more than parents; they were my heroes and best friends - and their unconditional love, guidance, and the wisdom and richness of their knowledge were unwavering, even in the midst of their illnesses. They inspire me every day, propelling me to still keep singing and creating - through grief, life and love.  It is always very heartwarming to know that others find joy in what we created, and to continue the journey they created and nurtured.
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