Lest we forget

This month Mersey Wave Music in collaboration with the Royal British Legion put on a concert at St George’s Hall Concert Room, Liverpool. The concert took place on 1st July 2016 and was called “The Somme and Beyond”  - paying tribute in music and words to all those effected by the events which took place one hundred years to the day during World War One.

Lest we forget katie rudge dame doodah

The Battle of the Somme was fought between 1st July -18th November 1916 and at 7.30am on Saturday 1st July 1916 100,000 British Soldiers launched their attack on German positions. On that day 20,000 British soldiers were killed and another 38,000 were wounded missing or taken prisoner  – This was the bloodiest day in the history of the British Armed Forces. During the Battle the allies advanced a mere 7 miles and there and there were 420,000 British casualties –  60,000 wonder or missing for every mile gained.  The Battle is now considered to have been an essential and important step towards victory but it came at such terrible cost that it came to symbolise the tragic futility of war. 

The concert paid tribute to the fallen beginning with the Royal British Legion March, an act of remembrance with presentation of  Standard Bearers and Rev. John Williams MBE, Chaplain to Her Majesty’s Forces . The performers were the Mersey Wave Choir and Fron Male Voice Choir and soloist Kathryn Rudge Mezzo-Soprano with musical directors Jason Ellis, Leigh Mason and Owen Roberts piano/organ. There were also readings throughout the evening from Ian Nenna, Bill Sergeant, David Jones and students of the Blue Coat School, Compèred by BBC Radio Merseyside’s Roger Lyon. A vote of thanks and presentations were made at the end of the evening by the National Chairman of the Royal British Legion Mr Terry Whittles.

All ticket sales from the event supported the work of the Royal British Legion.

Thanks to all involved and all who supported the concert. Here are some video highlight and a look back at our special collaboration with the Royal British Legion that brought the Somme 100 commemoration to Merseyside.


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